Dry Fort

Dry Fort

Fortress. Population: 70 clanspersons living inside the fortress; an additional 20-40 transient yet clan-friendly persons living in encampments, around the fortress.

Community: Resentfuls; ruled by a warrior clan.

Authority Figure: Warlord Thrakas, male, 31.

Important NPC’s: Captain Leeza, female, 29; Captain Ulz, male, 26; Captain Razner, male, 33.

You descend from the high country into what can only be described as a true badland of sand, cliffs, and ravines. Following your map you have finally come to the shadow of Dry Fort – a rough fortress made from brick, dry mud, and freestone worked from the sparse elements of this land. Though simple and savage, the citadel of Dry Fort is an impressive sight in this otherwise desolate wasteland, standing high on a promontory of solid rock.

The fortress-village of “Dry Fort” rests on a small steep-sided rise in a wide-open area, allowing the residents to clearly see for a great distance in any direction. A low-rounded wall completely encircles the settlement; this wall is made of dried mud reinforced with thick wood and steel bar, or any other material that lends strength to the structure. Windows with upward-swinging slats provide ventilation and observation areas. A steep ramp leads up to the gates, which are crafted of old rusted iron bars.

Inside, Dry Fort is made up of another ring much like the outer wall. The only entrance is at the opposite side as the front gate, making any assault difficult, as the same shutters circumnavigate the inner wall, allowing the defenders to attack any trespassers with short bows kept on hand. This inner ring opens up into a central courtyard where the dayto- day life of the village occurs. The folk of Dry Fort live communally, with a large central fire pit. The inner ring is pierced on the inside with the curtained off arches leading into the private residences of the natives.

Dry Fort is ruled by a proud and fierce warrior clan that drills rigorously in anticipation of any future conflict. These warriors have absolute authority over every aspect of life in Dry Fort, including ownership of property and the distribution of food. The few non-combatants that live in Dry Fort do so at the mercy of their benefactors, and must contribute some skill to the community or are cast out to face the perils of the world.

Dry Fort

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