Town. Population: 140 within the town walls, 70 in farms and camps outside the town walls.

Community: Resurrectors; ruled by a merchant consortium.

Authority Figure: Trademasters Volgen, male, 37.

Important NPC’s: Armsmaster Tolorin, male, 28; Tera, female, 37; Trademasters Gorgel, male, 36; Dust-Walker, male, 39;

Bazaar is the largest settlement in the Trade Lands region, and is the nexus of all trade passing through the valley. At its core a small cluster of unrecognizable buildings left over from before the Fall, the town grows exponentially in size every season when the population booms with the influx of traders and others moving through the area. During these times, wagons, carts, tents, and yurts spring up in the open spaces filling the town out to its normal proportions (see map).

Those wishing to do business with the caravans which passes through the valley regularly often leave their home communities and travel to Bazaar to conduct trade, usually when the community is at its largest. As a consortium of merchants, the leaders of Bazaar have an agreement with caravan masters that they stop only in Bazaar, giving the settlement a definite edge over any other community in this area. Obviously the other settlements in the region maintain cordial relations with Bazaar (because they rely on it to some extent), and in return the merchants do not act aggressively to risk the profitable situation there.

As one would expect from a town ruled by traders, the law here is relatively non-restrictive but aimed at generating trade while protecting those within the walls. Hence the laws are quite strict regarding crimes of violence and theft, while all sorts of goods remain legal due to an “anything goes” policy towards possession.

Well-equipped and loyal soldiers – one of the major benefits of being an important trade center – garrison Bazaar. The entirety of the settlement is surrounded by a wooden palisade of thick board, lashed together with all manner of rope, cables, barbed wire, etc., and reinforced by irregularly placed wooded poles (telephone poles scavenged from the desert). More cables hang from these metal poles, dangling down into the town like the branches of willow trees. Inside the walls, the poles are fitted with simple rungs, allowing lookouts to climb any of the poles to see far into the desert in all directions.


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